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Name:Team Fortress 2
Location:Teufort, New Mexico, United States of America
Website:The Official Site
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The best battle-themed hat simulator ever.
Do you like teamwork? Do you like fighting? Do you like hats? If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, you need to be in here babbling with like-minded people about Valve's ridonkulously popular battle-themed hat simulator game: TEAM FORTRESS 2.

Things you can do here:
- Plug your favorite servers
- Schedule playtime with other members
- Share sprays
- Show off your fanfic/art/cosplay/props/mods/maps/etc. (or someone else's, as long as you credit it properly; if I hear complaints from the creator it's goin' down. Also kindly put Big McLargehuge images under a cut. Thumbnails up to 400ishx400ish are cool outside the cut.)
- Post your LOLarious screencaps (the Big McLargehuge guideline applies here too)
- Share frag videos
- Offer your in-game crap for trading
- Squee and flail (or wail and gnash teeth, as the case may be) about the latest and greatest weps/hats/maps/videos/etc.
- Generally babble about TF2

Things you shouldn't do here:
- Offer your in-game crap for sale, like, for actual money. That is shady and gross. UPDATE: now that Valve has created a safe and well-regulated place to sell your in-game crap for actual money, we will now allow "buy my in-game crap for actual money" posts ONLY if said in-game crap is in the official Steam Market AND you not make ridiculous amounts of said posts (see below re: other sorts of "buy my crap" posts).
- Post NSFW fanfic/art/etc. Links to same off-comm are OK as long as appropriate warnings are given.
- Complain about TF2 shipping, whether the ship that offends you be straight or slash.
- Attempt to start ship wars. For real, please don't.
- Attempt to start pro-er-than-thou pissing contests over loadouts
- Spam up the place with ads for crap nobody wants; the occasional post offering your TF2-related meatspace creations/RedBubble loot/whatever is fine, the same on a daily basis is not.
- Engage in any other sort of douchebaggery. We'll know it when we see it.

And now, a few warnings:

1. People are going to talk about slash. It is a game full of men. They are attractive in refreshingly non-conventional ways. The fandom is full of people who appreciate this. Valve has all but shown the Heavy and Medic making out on screen. These discussions are going to happen, and unless they turn into flamewars I am going to let them. Deal.

2. Capslock is going to happen. Just plug your ears and scroll past if it bothers you.

3. Profanity is going to happen. When the next game-crashing update drops, it's probably going to happen a whole motherfucking lot.

4. Bloody and violent images are going to happen--which, unless you have been playing on a 24/7 Party Mode server your entire TF2 life and have never seen a single Meet the Team video, should not even require a warning because for real you guys come on now what the fuck.

Interests (86):

a piece of you!, anything but 2fort, archimedes, australia, balloonicorn, barbequeq, being credit to team, believing in magic, black scottish cyclopes, bonk!, boolets, bottles o' scrumpy, candy, capping the point, coward killing time, demoknight, demoman, demopan, doves, dr. grordbort, dustbowl, engineer, erectin' dispensers, fire, gibs, gray mann, haircuts, hats, heavy, heavy weapons guy, hudda hudda huh, jarate, keys, koth_lolcano, maggots, mann co., mann vs. machine, medic, merasmus, miss pauling, mmmph, monoculus, more gun, more hats, my heds, nope, oktoberfest, ol' nick, omgwtfbbq, piles of money, pocket medic, poopy joe, professionals with standards, pushing the cart, pyro, pyroland, ragequitting, rainbows, ribs, robots, russian tooth fairy, sandvich, saxton hale, scout, scout's mom, sentries, sentry busters, sitting pyro, sniper, soldier, spy, spycrabs, stab stab stab, sticky bombs, strange weapons, team fortress 2, tf2, the administrator, the bombnomicon, the horseless headless horsemann, tiny baby men, ubercharge, valve, your mother, your secret crap, ze goggles
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